The PMN forum is a space for modellers, policy-makers, journalists, patients, and members of the public to pose questions and learn from one another. Participants are invited to discuss anything from technical issues, to key information for decison-making, to how models work, to needs and perspectives that have yet to be addressed.

Disclaimer: All feedback and/or content provided in this forum will be treated as research data and analyzed as such by the Peer Models Network research team. Providing feedback or other content to the Peer Models Network on its web forum will be considered consent to have that feedback or content analyzed as research data. Your name or any other identifying information that you provide will be viewed by the researchers but it will not be recorded, linked to your feedback, or used in any other way. You do not need to use identifying information or personal information to use the web forum. Please note that any feedback or content provided by you on the web forum will be visible to the public and could possibly be used by others to identify you. 

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