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Members will be invited to give online feedback about models hosted on PMN and also receive periodic emails about other research opportunities, including surveys to evaluate educational videos. As a token of appreciation, PMN panel members will be entered in regular prize draws! The PMN will keep your email private and you will not be contacted for other reasons.

Share a Model

Have a model to share? The PMN's cloud-based platform currently hosts models written in R and C++, with the potential to host others. Its web-enabled API allows public access to model functionality, while preserving the intellectual property of model developers (i.e., your codebase will remain secure and inaccessible, should you be unable to share it).


Model developers who share their model on the PMN will be assisted in uploading supporting documentation and invited to create a model companion video.


Contact Dr. Stephanie Harvard at or Dr. Mohsen Sadatsafavi at

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Have a question or comment about models? Want to suggest resources or links for other members or check out the online discussion? Explore our the Network Forum.


Participants are invited to discuss anything from technical issues, to key information for decison-making, to how models work, to needs and perspectives that have yet to be addressed.

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